Deadlands: Trent

Pedro's Return

While the posse was resting in Rochtersung’s lab, which was just starting to get built, they were told by panicked townspeople that Pedro and another figure were on their way to the town center. Despite being wounded, the posse armed themselves and went out to meet the two figures approaching on horse.

They were stunned, posse and townspeople alike, when it was revealed that an Indian woman named Roaring Bear had accompanied Pedro back to Trent. Pedro had convinced her that he was welcome there, and when confronted by everyone as to why he was seeking assistance in reaching a town he very nearly destroyed, he explained his reasons.

His old companions had risen from the ground and rode after him, meeting him at his hideout. They were less then enthused that Pedro had ran from both fights, and were planning on skinning him alive. He managed to steal a horse from one of them and high tail it out of the hideout, eventually meeting Roaring Bear and convincing her to help him.

The townspeople, while hearing this, were more then upset at him for leading the dead to their doorstep. Gathering all their valuables and trading with the posse one final time, the community left for other places to live, and a sign was held at the train station that they shouldn’t stop there anymore.

The posse accepted Roaring Bear in their ranks and put Pedro in a makeshift iron cell. Though Roaring Bear wasn’t happy to partner up with white devils, she knew the oncoming score of enemies would be approaching quickly and that she’d need their help in destroying them all.

The iron cell that Pedro was placed in was small, and within the Dr’s lab. It was created mostly from the jail cell bars and assorted pieces from the blacksmith’s shop. Guessing that the posse would be attacked in just over a day from now, the posse created a battle plan for surviving the coming battle.

They also took a vote on if Pedro should be allowed to live or not, given his previous misdoings. The result was 3-1 in favor of execution, with Harry voting life imprisonment. Roaring Bear chopped off Pedro’s head, arms, and legs and burnt them outside, claiming that she didn’t want him coming back after them.

A Strange Come-Uppance

After the defense of Trent, the remaining townspeople held a town meeting to discuss if they should move or not. The only thing keeping the town on the map anymore is the convenient railroad stop that attracts customers willing to stay the night. But with the recent destruction of nearly half the town, as well as the deceased being numbered at 24, nearly one fifth of the town’s population, a schism has appeared in the public’s eyes: either stay and hire a new sheriff as well as more deputies and make some sort of militia for future debacles, or to haul everything they can carry and move together to migrate to the nearest town, most likely Linton.

During this meeting, the posse was nominated by the majority of the townspeople to act as the law while requests were sent to larger cities for sheriffs and deputies. The pay would be a little bit more then average considering the high risk. The posse accepted, with Dr. Rochtersung wishing to state that for the time being he will accept payment as a deputy, but wishes to be granted a house in town instead of payment.

Before further discussion could be made, the meeting was interrupted by the local undertaker, who screamed about the minions of the devil himself visiting the sinners of the town. The posse, mostly healed and with weapons at the ready, investigated what the man was saying as they were led into the graveyard.

About three miles from the town’s outer circle of houses, the graveyard was inhabited by a large skeleton consisting of the skeletal head of a cow with various human bones placed together underneath it. It had three arms, one of which carried a link of chains which it was using as a whip and lasso, and another held a tombstone to be used as a club. It had five legs, three of which were from cattle, and two were from horses.

The posse immediately set to work, with the Dr. remembering tales of such a thing existing and to destroy the bag it carried with it in order to stop the creature. Harry and Eddy distracted it with gunfire, but eventually Harry was left crippled and unconscious as the creature broke the tombstone over his head and stomped on his left arm. Eddy was faring poorly as well, until the Dr. found where the bag was and destroyed the black skull within. The creature was destroyed, and the posse members set to collecting all the skulls around the graveyard to be destroyed in case such a thing appeared again.


Rochtersung and Harry rode back to Trent, where they found Pedro and his gang commencing another assault.

The townspeople, along with Eddy, were defending themselves from the general store and the sheriff’s office. When Eddy heard reports going off in the middle of the gunfight, he correctly put together that Rochtersung and Eddy had arrived. What he mistakenly thought was that they were winning.

Pedro had collected a few other men to rally his tropps’ morale that this time they’d win the gunfight. Fourteen men were shooting it out with the four townspeople who knew how to shoot plus the posse.

Seeking better cover, Eddy shot and ran to meet up with the Dr. and Harry behind a large stable. There, they called out to Pedro to talk negotiations in letting the townspeople go. Pedro wasn’t accepting the deal and sent a few men after the posse. Two of them were shot to death while the last was knocked unconscious by the Dr’s shock baton.

Down to nine men, Pedro tried burning the general store down, but a well-placed shot by Eddy ended up igniting all of the explosives his gang had made so hurridly. Furious and upset that three men were able to kill so many of his companions, the bandit leader led a charge into the sheriff’s office, killing the five people inside and taking the munitions it offered.

With no explosives of their own, the posse got the remaining townspeople to flee for safety while they exchanged shots with the bandits. The posse planned to fake being out of ammo and trying to convince Pedro to surrender. After the bandits realised no shots had been fired at them, they assumed the posse was out, and went outside to be shot full of holes. A few bullets managed to find hits in both Eddy and the Dr., but both weren’t mortally wounded.

Finally, Pedro and another bandit were left and were trying to find their horses to escape back to their hideout. Harry managed to cripple the unfortunate bandit, but Pedro picked him up and carried him out to his horse where they rode away. The posse, with all of their wounds, decided to allow Harry to track them while the other two stayed behind to rest.

A Terrifying Night Indeed

Rochtersung and Harry wake up in one of the rooms inside the house owned by the Turnstills. After calling out to see if anyone was there, the noises ceased and they heard sounds of a person retreating.

Deciding to venture out and seek the source, the two eventually found a trail of straw leading inside a small shed near the edge of the crops. There, they found scarecrows stuffing the corpses of the Turnstill family full of straw to convert them. After a tense fight, in which Harry recieved a near-death wound to his head by a scythe, the two were able to lock the scarecrows in the shed.

Rochtersung quickly went inside the house and found matches and oil, setting fire to both the large amount of crops and the shed housing the corpses and strawmen. When the two saw the end of the walking nightmares perish, they took to resting in the house again.

Her Family's Keeper

After receiving medical aid from the town doctor, Eddie was revealed to have moderate wounds in his guts and left arm. Harry helped him to a makeshift boarding house after he and Dr. Rochtersung aided the community in stopping fire from engulfing all the homes.

The only buildings that stand which are of noticable interest are the jail/sheriff’s office, the general store, and the doctor’s house.

While Eddie recovered from his wounds, Rocthersung sent a letter with one of the townspeople to go to the nearest mail office to send to a friend for assisstance. After doing so, both Rochtersung and Harry were approached by Abby Turnstill, who reported that her parents hadn’t contacted her in over a few weeks, and she fears the worst since this recent bandit invasion.

The two agreed to check on the Turnstills, who own a large farm Northeast of Trent. They spent a total of three days traveling on horseback before spotting the entrance to the farm, which had signs promising fair prices of corn and beef for those looking for food.

As they entered the farmhouse, the two discovered dried blood had been spilled nearly all over the farmhouse, but no bodies were found. As Eddie recalled, five Turnstills should be in or near the farm, including the Mr. and Mrs., Theo and Timothy, and Grace. A thorough search of the house revealed no news, and the two decided to prepare a makeshift safe house in the upper level of the farmhouse, as night had descended upon them by this point.

The Fight for Trent

Both characters rode into the town while it was being looted by Pedro and his gang. Eddy and Harry killed two bandits and a rioter before being set upon by the remainder of Pedro’s gang, which turned out to be eleven men.

After a shootout in the middle of the street ended badly with Eddy being wounded in both his guts and head, the two bounty hunters went through the side streets, splitting up. While Eddy entered a saloon so he could drink whiskey to numb the pain, Harry snuck on top of a general store to take aim at the confused bandits running below.

Once the bandits realized they were being picked off, they regrouped and rode out, numbering seven. Eddy was being treated by the local doctor and Harry tried to find the sheriff and any deputies, though the search revealed nothing but corpses.

Two Hunters, Two Jobs

Both Harry the Ace and Eddy Sullivan meet one another while on the hunt for Pedro Hamez. While searching for the bandit, they encounter a few of his old gang members at their old hideout from an informant. After a brief shootout leaving two bandits dead and neither men injured, the remaining two bandits surrendered.

Harry and Eddy learned of Pedro’s recent departure to lead a new gang in Utah and the two get back on the trail of Pedro, eventually discovering the scum is terrorizing the Western towns of Utah, catching his gang in the middle of killing innocents in Trent and razing whatever he can’t drink or rape.


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