Deadlands: Trent

A Strange Come-Uppance

After the defense of Trent, the remaining townspeople held a town meeting to discuss if they should move or not. The only thing keeping the town on the map anymore is the convenient railroad stop that attracts customers willing to stay the night. But with the recent destruction of nearly half the town, as well as the deceased being numbered at 24, nearly one fifth of the town’s population, a schism has appeared in the public’s eyes: either stay and hire a new sheriff as well as more deputies and make some sort of militia for future debacles, or to haul everything they can carry and move together to migrate to the nearest town, most likely Linton.

During this meeting, the posse was nominated by the majority of the townspeople to act as the law while requests were sent to larger cities for sheriffs and deputies. The pay would be a little bit more then average considering the high risk. The posse accepted, with Dr. Rochtersung wishing to state that for the time being he will accept payment as a deputy, but wishes to be granted a house in town instead of payment.

Before further discussion could be made, the meeting was interrupted by the local undertaker, who screamed about the minions of the devil himself visiting the sinners of the town. The posse, mostly healed and with weapons at the ready, investigated what the man was saying as they were led into the graveyard.

About three miles from the town’s outer circle of houses, the graveyard was inhabited by a large skeleton consisting of the skeletal head of a cow with various human bones placed together underneath it. It had three arms, one of which carried a link of chains which it was using as a whip and lasso, and another held a tombstone to be used as a club. It had five legs, three of which were from cattle, and two were from horses.

The posse immediately set to work, with the Dr. remembering tales of such a thing existing and to destroy the bag it carried with it in order to stop the creature. Harry and Eddy distracted it with gunfire, but eventually Harry was left crippled and unconscious as the creature broke the tombstone over his head and stomped on his left arm. Eddy was faring poorly as well, until the Dr. found where the bag was and destroyed the black skull within. The creature was destroyed, and the posse members set to collecting all the skulls around the graveyard to be destroyed in case such a thing appeared again.



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