Deadlands: Trent

Pedro's Return

While the posse was resting in Rochtersung’s lab, which was just starting to get built, they were told by panicked townspeople that Pedro and another figure were on their way to the town center. Despite being wounded, the posse armed themselves and went out to meet the two figures approaching on horse.

They were stunned, posse and townspeople alike, when it was revealed that an Indian woman named Roaring Bear had accompanied Pedro back to Trent. Pedro had convinced her that he was welcome there, and when confronted by everyone as to why he was seeking assistance in reaching a town he very nearly destroyed, he explained his reasons.

His old companions had risen from the ground and rode after him, meeting him at his hideout. They were less then enthused that Pedro had ran from both fights, and were planning on skinning him alive. He managed to steal a horse from one of them and high tail it out of the hideout, eventually meeting Roaring Bear and convincing her to help him.

The townspeople, while hearing this, were more then upset at him for leading the dead to their doorstep. Gathering all their valuables and trading with the posse one final time, the community left for other places to live, and a sign was held at the train station that they shouldn’t stop there anymore.

The posse accepted Roaring Bear in their ranks and put Pedro in a makeshift iron cell. Though Roaring Bear wasn’t happy to partner up with white devils, she knew the oncoming score of enemies would be approaching quickly and that she’d need their help in destroying them all.

The iron cell that Pedro was placed in was small, and within the Dr’s lab. It was created mostly from the jail cell bars and assorted pieces from the blacksmith’s shop. Guessing that the posse would be attacked in just over a day from now, the posse created a battle plan for surviving the coming battle.

They also took a vote on if Pedro should be allowed to live or not, given his previous misdoings. The result was 3-1 in favor of execution, with Harry voting life imprisonment. Roaring Bear chopped off Pedro’s head, arms, and legs and burnt them outside, claiming that she didn’t want him coming back after them.



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