Mechanical Brace

Clockwork arm used for heavy lifting or hitting


A brace covering all of the left arm, custom made to fit Dr. Rochtersung. Others may attempt to use it, but must be Size 6 and it must be the left hand. Even then, they must make a Reliability check to fit in (TN 9) or they break it and must repair it (TN 11).

The brace, when powered, deals STR plus 1d6 damage if used as a weapon and can lift up to 200 pounds above the user’s head. Additionally when powered, the brace adds a die to the STR modifier of the user, i.e. 2d6 becomes 3d6, 1d4 becomes 2d4 etc.

To power, 2 pounds of ghost rock must be hardened in the cold night air and placed inside a small open compartment near the wrist of the brace. At that point, the ghost rock is consumed and the arm is considered in use until it is either taken off, broken, or 4 hours pass by.

Reliability check: 16


Mechanical Brace

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